Saturday, October 15, 2005

OUT NOW! -OCTOBER-Senna corymbosa

Although I have grown this outside for a number of years it doesn't always seem to flower well.
This year it has reached about 3' and has been covered in bloom - but only during October.

OUT NOW! -OCTOBER- Cestrum x cultum 'Cretan Purple'

This new plant (to me! ) has been flowering for the last few weeks and will probably continue until the frosts. It will be interesting to see if it survives the (predicted) arctic winter we are, apparently, expecting!

OUT NOW! -OCTOBER- Mandevilla laxa

At last my Mandevilla laxa has flowered! Native to Argentina this climber has a reputation for being tender. However I have grown it outside here for a number years and it has survived many hard winters - but has never flowered! I think this was more to do with the fact that it became overcrowded during the year and so did not get quite enough direct sun. This year I forgot to prune it and after last years' mild winter growth begun at head height. It must have grown 2 metres during the season and has draped it's tall neighbours with these large exotic white flowers. Alas! The scent is elusive - a step ladder would be required to discover it!

Saturday, October 08, 2005

OUT NOW! - OCTOBER- Clematis 'Caerulea Luxurians'

Clematis 'Caerulea Luxurians'
A pale blue relation of the well known Clematis 'Albo-Luxurians'- each pale blue sepal ends in a soft green tip! This plant seems to have been flowering for at least three months and shows no sign of stopping. I hope to have plants for sale next year.

Friday, October 07, 2005

Autumn at Stone House Cottage

I particularly dislike this time of year. It exhausts me.
Wherever I look the garden reproaches me with jobs that should have been done already or jobs that are so physically daunting that I haven't had the energy to begin.
Plans made during the summer - so easy to jot in a notebook - now require digging,sawing, humping and heaving. Huge holes are appearing in the borders where plants I have got bored with have been turfed out and the exciting replacements look far too small and forlorn in their places. Will the gaps ever fill up?
However there is still a lot of colour in the untouched borders, the grasses are looking superb - especially in the morning after a heavy dew.