Sunday, November 29, 2009


There are few thrills at this time of the year time of the year, Sarcoccoca wallichii and the lovely Narcissus Cedric Morris being among the exceptions. Although the summer of 2009 seemed an endless roll of wet days and low temperatures there were some plants that performed spectacularly, provided you could brave the global warming and get out to admire them.

ROSCOEA PURPUREA 'RED GURKHA' is the latest 'must have' in the family with large brick red flowers. It too likes part shade and never wants to dry out during it's growing season.

DEINANTHE CAERULEA is an easily grown chinese woodlander that likes a cool moist spot, and hates to be burnt by hot sun.

ORYZOPSIS MILACEA is a graceful, airy grass that begins to flower in June and goes on looking good right through until February. It probably prefers a hot summer but did look superb dripping the incessant moisture of last summer.