Thursday, August 27, 2009


The climbing aconites have loved this years wet summer and are looking their best now.

Aconitum austroyunnanense appears late but has shot up 12' into a variegated philadelphus and is covered in bright blue flowers.

Aconitum pseudo laeve is more of a loller than a climber, it has reached about 3' and leans against adjoining shrubs.

The pick of the bunch for me is Aconitum bulbilliferum. I only bought it this year, but it has grown to at least 8' and is covered in hooded claret coloured flowers.

All my plants came from the fantastic Crug Farm nursery and all of them seem happier growing in cool moist shade.

They give a late summer lift to any shrub that is looking a bit dull at this end of the season.